Principal's Corner

Mr. Roman L. Zeigler, ED.S -Principal

Mr. Roman L. Zeigler, ED.S -Principal

Principal's Bio

I was born as the single child to George Curry and Mildred Fisher, but I am one of thirty-one children. With such a large family, I was taught at a young age that education is and would be the only way to make it and be a contributor to society while building a legacy for others to follow as I climb. It was not easy, but my mother worked hard to ensure I had every opportunity to be successful in all my educational experiences. She dreamed a dream bigger than I could dream for myself. The dream she had led me to Alabama State University where there I received four advanced degrees in the realm of education while working at the Montgomery Job Corps to assist students in furthering their life’s advancements; once again, building as I climbed.

For the past twenty years I have served in numerous capacities within the realm of education. I started my career in education in 2001 as a teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools where  I served seventeen years as a classroom teacher, ELA lead teacher, and as a counselor/behavior interventionist. After completing seventeen years in Montgomery County Public Schools, I shifted into the realm of administration and was afforded the opportunity to serve as an assistant principal within the Elmore County Public Schools system for four years all while teaching as an adjunct professor in the area of curriculum and instruction at Alabama State University for the past fourteen years consecutively. As you can see, I have worked hard to make it to the  Perry County School system. I am committed for the long haul as you can see in my previous work history. I am here and I am excited to be a part of the legacy of Robert C. Hatch High School. Throughout the course of my career and moving forward, I will always keep the integrity of academic excellence and student achievement as the focus for both students and our school’s success. Robert C. Hatch High School and the Perry County School district has welcomed me with open arms and I am at home now ready to build as I climb. 

It is my belief that every student can learn and is worthy of respect and deserves and should have the best education possible. I believe that community support is essential, and every parent loves their child and sends them to school to receive the best education possible. My goals as the principal at Robert C. Hatch High School are to ensure and maintain a safe, caring, and orderly learning environment, maintain an open-door policy for all students, parents, staff, and community members to achieve optimum communication, and to support and maximize the potentials of all individuals in our school every day. 

My objective as an instructional leader is and has always been to build, create, and equip students with the necessary tools to influence and change the world. It is my goal to lead Robert C. Hatch High School from that perspective, excellence first! Students, parents, teachers, and community, as a team we are limitless to what we can achieve. I look forward to our success as we build. Together, we will accomplish the impossible. WE ARE R.C. Hatch High School! The school on the hill! The home of excellence.