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Marjuyua Jackson Staff Photo

University of West Alabama -- Bachelors Degree in Special Education K-12

University of West Alabama -- Master's Degree in Special Education K-6

University of Phoenix          --  Master's Degree in Administration and Supervision


Since graduating from UWA in 2002, I've been a Special Education teacher here at Robert C. Hatch High School.  Teaching students with special needs has been a very rewarding experience.  I truly believe you have to be called to teach students with special needs.  I believe this is my calling and I do my very best to make sure ALL of my students given equal opportunity to excel at the highest level possible.

Currently I serve as Assistant Principal and I'm enjoying learning all of my students and working with a great administrtative team!










Greetings fellow BOBCATS!! I'm so honored to be teaching the students here in Uniontown, Alabama. I've been here for 16 years and I'm so glad I chose this place as my first teaching job.  This has become my home away from. I've been married to Ashford Jackson for almost 8 years. We have have two sons, Ashford Jackson Jr. (7)whom we call Jack Jr and Grayson (2).