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Mary Woods Staff Photo

I am a graduate of Robert C. Hatch High School. Afterwards I attended Alabama State University where I majored in Public Relations. I received a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education at  Concordia College in 1997. Later, I received a Master's Degree in Elementary Education at the University of West Alabama.


I began my career of working with children about 23 years ago. I began as a teacher at the T & T Daycare center. Some years later, I got a job as a teacher's assistant for the Berean Headstart. About two years later, the late Mr. Herbert McFadden hired me as teacher at Uniontown Elementary. That is where I have remained for almost 20 years.


I've always had a fondness for children. Whenever I enter a room, my eyes are instantly drawn to any children that may be present. Maybe this fondness was an indication of my future career. However, my childhood was not filled with dreams of being a teacher. No, during my early childhood I wanted only to impress my older brother, Bruce. In the beginning there was only me and three older brothers, Bruce, Martin, and Edwin. So of course I was a tom boy! Then God blessed our family with another girl, Bonnie, who was soon followed by my baby brother Kenny. As I got older I decided that I wanted to pursue career in Advertising.