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Stinson, Antwuan Assistant Principal
Ford, Leslie Principal
Jackson, Marjuyua Assistant Principal
White-Bruno, Christine Guidance Counselor
Deason-Johnson, Kitizah Elementary Guidance Counselor and English

Abrahams, Jammie Agriscience - Career Tech
Abrams-Wilson, Leasa 6th Grade
Banks, Carrie 1st Grade
Barton, Karen Gifted Education
Bell, Kamika Physical Education
Beville, Angel Special Education
Braxton, Karen Aide/Technology Contact
Bullock, Sabrina English
Campbell, Winifer Kindergarten
Collins, Mildred Science
Conner, Jennifer 5th Grade
Davis, Homer Physical Education
Deason-Johnson, Kitizah Elementary Guidance Counselor and English
Dudley, Eliza Biomedical Technology
Early, Minnie 5th Grade
Hamilton, Tonja Reading Specialist
Harris, Bonnie 4th Grade
Harris, Johnathan Mathematics
Harris, Rosalind Media Center (Library)
Hood, Kris 4th Grade
Hunter, Jamaal 6th Grade
Johnson, Karalyn English & History
Jones, Melissa Business - Career Tech
Lewis, Rosie 2nd Grade
Long, LaNeshia Kindergarten
Maiden, Patricia English & History
Mason, Katrina 1st Grade
Mines, YuWanda 2nd Grade
Morgan, Willie Physical Education
Ramalho, Darren English & History
Rox, Deborah Pre-Kindergarten
Sellers, El'Lagenay Science
Sigler, Lonnie Agriscience - Career Tech
Squire, Mary 3rd Grade
Storment, Nicholas History
Thigpen, Dewayne Physical Education
Tubbs, Carolyn 3rd Grade
Turner, Cicely Math & Science
White-Bruno, Christine Guidance Counselor
Whitt, Zannetta Collaborative Special Education Teacher K-6
Williams, Shaniqua Special Education
Wilson, Mary 4th Grade
Woods, Mary 1st Grade

Braxton, Karen Aide/Technology Contact
Chandler, Clemenstine CNP Assistant Manager
Childs, Annie CNP Worker
Collins, Willie Custodian
Easley, Zondria Aide
Gibbs, Valeria Aide
Harmon, Tonja CNP Worker
Harris, Angela CNP Worker
Hollis, Angela Aide
Minor, Lee Aide
Moore, Georgia CNP Worker
Richardson, Ruby Nurse
Starks, Cashus Custodian
Taylor-Rhodes, Felesia Pre-K Auxilary
Williams, Dorothea Aide
Williams, Linda Bookkeeper/Secretary
Wilson, Christine CNP Manager
Wilson, Pamela CNP Worker